Adventure tour: limestone caves and offroading

For many people, visiting Russia is a whole adventure! First, you need to get visa, then - to assure all your relatives that you will return alive, and finally - to assure yourself that traveling in a country with different mentality and strange letters would be safe enough. Do you still need the Adventure tour after all this challenges?.. Sure! You will quickly understand that Moscow is a very "European" city with nice people and hotels, shops, cafes for all tastes. The Adventure tour is perfect for those people who has already enjoyed Moscow landmarks and want to see more that the bustling capital! The tour includes three parts. We will start from visiting a network of undeground caves, then we will feed our hunger at the barbecue party, and finally take off-road driving UAZ 452, unique Russian military car.


Five reasons to have the Adventure tour

  1. You will wander along the ramified network of underground caves. It is even more adventurous than visiting famous Paris catacombs, and what is more important, there will be no crowds of people and millions of cameras!
  2. You will drive (and even self-drive) Russian military "CrazyBu" van, the world's only offroad minivan! Be ready for knee-deep mud, close-standing trees and meter-depth river!
  3. You will enjoy a campfire and the barbecue party with a craft Russian beer and delicious meat as a break.
  4. Big Brother will not find you there, believe us!
  5. This experience is unusial even for a lot of Russians (not from Siberia of course!)


About underground caves

Majority of people are still affraid of the caves, despite they were first shelters for ancient people. For 8 years of caving we heard two main questions: i) is it possible to breath there? ii) is it scary to be in a closed underground area? NO! There is no problems with air or claustrophobia. And it is become obvious for everyone who is brave enough to goes there, make sure yourself!

During the Adventure tour you will visit easily accessible system of artificial caves formed as a result of limestone mining. Did you hear that Moscow is called as "white-stoned"? All this magnificent buildings and monuments were made of limestone mined at numerous underground caves! We will visit the largest artificial cave in Moscow region, it has more than 15 km of tunnels with a lot of chambers, narrow paths and large halls. The system is so long and ramified that it is not recommended to go inside without a guide. Even experienced cavers may easily lose themselves!

The place is very popular among some Russians. Moreover, there is a subculture of people who visit such caves each weekends and even make a real dwelling from the cavern chambers. They bring the furniture, install lighting and even whitewash walls! However, the system is so large that you will hardly meet several people during the visit. Summing up, the place is worth visiting. One of our travelers said that the system is "much coooler than Paris catacombs but have no securities, crowds of peopls and cameras everywhere".



For Northern and Siberian part of Russia, offroading is just a part of their everyday routine or everyday survival (depending on the season). Do you want to be impressed? Just look at the photos of the federal road in Yakutia region. Could you believe that 60% of Russia is a permafrost area? It is true! But you will hardly experience the challenges of everyday life staying in Moscow hotel... The Adventure tour is a lucky chance to face problems of many Russians without going into the wilderness of Siberia!


About UAZ military "CrazyBu" van

Our «CrazyBu» van is authentic soviet jeep, the world's only offroad van or just UAZ 452, year of issue 2010. Initially, this vehicle was designed in 1950s as a support car for military forces. Now it‘s still producing as it was sixty years ago… And, surprisingly, UAZ car looks almost like in 1965!

This soviet era jeep looks very similar to VW transporter, but there is also huge difference: VW was designed in German, the country of highways. Our «CrazyBu» soviet jeep is Land Cruiser 40 at the back of it's mind – axles, frame, underdrive and robustness in everything. Do you need to build highways if you produce such vans?

Combining with four-wheel drive, it was born to endure any offroad! Nine men can seat inside this military vehicle – nine men can push it out from any mire! However, design engineer considerably upgraded the engine: now it cannot use any liquid as a fuel except Au-92 anymore :)

Duration: 8-12 hours

Transportation: Russian military UAZ 452 jeep ("CrazyBu" minivan)


  • 1 person:         8 000 RUB / group
  • 2-3 persons:    10 000 RUB / group
  • >4 persons:     14 000 RUB / group

Join us to explore real Russia