Best holidays in Moscow: Explore real Russia

Russian tourism become more and more popular with time. People believe that it is safe to travel here and the information about Russia is widely available. But are tourists satisfied by trips to Russia? Not often, the past is not easy to overcome... And many travel agencies confirm it being too rigid and bureaucratic.

Are you tired of bus tours, boring guides and million-times-beaten tracks? Don't you like guides with numerous facts about Yuri-who-is-that-guy-Dolgoruky? You have come to the right place! We are sick of such old-schooled Russian tours, too. Our travel agency was made to replace the paradigm of package tours as the best "value for money" tours. We are a small family business; therefore, we do tours with a personal touch for the most affordable price. Make sure yourself!

With us you will discover places bus tours can never reach at a pace to suit you. Whatever your age, mobility and interests we will provide a wonderful insight into our Moscow heritage. Make your vacation to Russia unforgettable and... Explore real Russia! 

Why us?

    Because of authentic UAZ military van that looks like it is still 1965...

    Because of the cheapest prices and passionate guides

    Because of REAL Russia REAL experience

Experience what others only dream about!

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Half-day Moscow tours­­

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Moscow minivan tour<br></span>
Moscow minivan tour
Price: from 3500 RUB / group
Visit Moscow? Driving around the city is an opportunity to see main Moscow attractions despite of the weather. The route is flexible and depends on your preferences. We will visit not only traditional attractions in Moscow but also some less popular places to make your trip unforgettable. For example:
Arbat and Tverskaya street (the largest city streets)
        > Sparrow hills (Moscow University, monument of Stalin's epoch)
        > VDNH (Museum of Space Exploration, monument of Stalin's epoch)
        > Victory Park (memorial complex of WWII)

Minivan tour is perfect for those who wants to make the most of their time in Moscow!

1) very authentic but less comfortable «CrazyBu» van (up to 8 people)
2) very comfortable but not authentic Pajero IV (up to 4 people)

Duration: Day tour takes about 4 hours. Night tour takes 3 hours (10 p.m. - ...)

1 person:          3500 RUB / group
2-3 persons:     4500 RUB / group
>4 persons:      5500 RUB / group
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Moscow walking tour<br></span>
Moscow walking tour
Price: from 2500 RUB / group
During the tour you can choose the most interesting route and subject:

>>> Moscow city tour
Spend your first day in Moscow walking its historical and cultural center. You will experience the city walking between main Moscow attractions in good company!

>>> Back in USSR tour
Discover the soviet heritage and its impact on modern Russia: Stalin’s repressions, the Cold War, “perestroika”... We will gather around the KGB headquarter, the famous grocery store "Eliseevsky" and the Moscow University.

>>> Metro and city tour

Moscow metro is not only the best way of transportation in Moscow, but also one of the most picteresque subway systems in the world. Spend your Russian holidays moving between sightseens by metro and enjoying its interior!

Duration: 4 hours

1 person:           2500 RUB / group
2-3 persons:      3500 RUB / group
>4 persons:       4500 RUB / group
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One day tours­­
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Vladimir and Suzdal tour<br></span>
Vladimir and Suzdal tour
Price: from 10 000 RUB / group
Maybe you know, but there is a great difference between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all other Russia. Visiting countryside is a great opportunity to explore real Russia and to see the common life of ordinary people. The best choice for one-day countryside experience is Vladimir and Suzdal tour.

Vladimir and Suzdal are small towns that are famous worldwide because of their great history and picteresque architecture with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of 12th century. Besides golden cupolas of stunning churches and monasteries you will see a rural look with streams and meadows everywhere and chicken and livestock a common sight on the streets, some of which remain unpaved. Be ready for a full-day trip and many unforgettable experiences!

Duration: 14-16 hours
Transportation: CrazyBu minivan or Pajero IV

1 person:          10 000 RUB / group
2-3 persons:     12 000 RUB / group
>4 persons:      16 000 RUB / group
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Adventure tour<br></span>
Adventure tour
Price: from 8 000 RUB / group
“CrazyBu” is unique offroad Russian minivan with axles, frame and robustness in everything. This vehicle was designed in 1950s as a support car for military forces. Now it‘s still producing as it was sixty years ago… And, surprisingly, it looks almost like in 1965! Driving it on typical Russian mud road will make you feel real Russian!

For a second part of our adventure, you will visit network of underground limestone caves with experienced caver. Depending on your adventurism, you can either wander in some easily accessible beautiful cavern halls or search the road back from remote parts of the most challenging kilometers-long underground network! Finally, you will have traditional food and campfire.

Duration: 8-12 hours
Transportation: CrazyBu minivan or Pajero IV

1 person:          8 000 RUB / group
2-3 persons:     10 000 RUB / group
>4 persons:      14 000 RUB / group
Two-days tours­­
<span style="font-weight: bold;">"Explore real Russia" tour to Staritsa </span>
"Explore real Russia" tour to Staritsa
Price: from 18 000 RUB / group
Staritsa is 700-years old town standing on the bank of Volga River, «the mother of all Russian rivers». Many years ago, it was a royal residence of Ivan The Terrible, famous Russian ruler. At present, Staritsa is a small city with only 8000 of citizens in the shadow of neighboring Moscow. Rare tourist visits this godforsaken corner of Russian province... It's the REAL countryside! However, Staritsa stands out for its great history and beautiful surroundings. Traces of previous epoch are still evident here, truly the place where time stopped!

    1 day
: wandering around 700-years old Staritsa town, its abandoned churches, old mansions and real monastery.
    2 day: ecotour along the Volga river with its light pine forests, clear water and swift current.. You may also visit network of underground caves, husky nursery and even try “CrazyBu” van in offroading!

Duration: 2 days
Important: Final destination may be 3 hours by speed train from St.Petersburg!
Transportation: CrazyBu minivan or Pajero IV

1 person:          18 000 RUB / group
2-3 persons:     24 000 RUB / group
>4 persons:      36 000 RUB / group

Not included: hotel (about 1000 RUB/pax; tent is for free), meals in cafe
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Russian dacha tour</span>
Russian dacha tour
Price: from 16 000 RUB / group
Dacha is a traditional Russian summer house for spending the weekends. Every family in Russia has dacha! It is, in many ways, the heritage of Soviet times when people had no money and no food, so they had to grow vegetables and even raise livestock. At the present time, many seniors still like gardening just out а habit and younger generations prefer to take a rest at their dachas.

    1 day
: walking around small village located 200 km from Moscow. We will visit local houses and learn the stories of people living their whole lives there. They will tell you about the common life and the households. Then we will visit local farm to see how they keep livestocks and taste fresh milk and eggs.
    2 day: on the way back we will visit "Archstoyanie", the biggest in Europe land-art and architecture open-air museum located along the beautiful scenery of the "Yugra" national park. The place is wonderful to spend whole whole day gathering around and wondering about imagination of its creators!

Duration: 2 days
Transportation: CrazyBu minivan or Pajero IV

1 person:          16 000 RUB / group
2-3 persons:     21 000 RUB / group
>4 persons:      30 000 RUB / group

Not included: meals in cafe
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ice crystalls of Northern caves<br></span>
Ice crystalls of Northern caves
Price: 500 USD / pax
Adventure tour: we will travel to a small village of Pinega that is located 2000 km from Moscow and 200 km from the White Sea to visit lengthy caves with stunning ice stalagmites.

Virgin northern nature, lots of snow, mountains and thrilling caves await us! We will also visit beautiful Russian villages and open air museum of wooden architecture.

Duration: 10 days
Spring 2018
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Tundra wilderness tour</span>
Tundra wilderness tour
Price: 800 USD / pax
Adventure tour at the Rybachy Peninsula, the northernmost part of continental European Russia.

Be ready for a lot of offroading, camping, fishing and hikking. We will see waterfall, cross a lot of rivers, enjoy open spaces of arctic tundra, observe ancient post-glacier cliffs and look out for whales in the Arctic ocean! We will also visit abandonded military bases and see traces of WWII.

Duration: 15 days
Summer 2018
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Unforgettable Mongolia<br></span>
Unforgettable Mongolia
Price: 900 USD / pax
Adventure tour: be ready to live in tent.

The itinerary is under construction, but we will visit as much interesting places as possible.

Contact us if you are interested!

Duration: 2 weeks
Summer 2018
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Custom adventure<br></span>
Custom adventure
Price: 360 USD / day for group (up to 7 people)
Moscow and St. Petersburg? Karelia and its crystall lakes? Golden Ring and old churches? Tracking and caving in Caucasus mountains?

You can try any route with CrazyBu! We like challenges, so we can plan and organize many unique trips!

About "CrazyBu" minivan

Our «CrazyBu» van is authentic Russian military UAZ-452 van, year of issue 2010.

Initially, this vehicle was designed in 1950s as a support car for military forces. Now it‘s still producing as it was sixty years ago… And, surprisingly, it looks almost like in 1965!

UAZ-452 looks very similar to VW transporter, but there is also huge difference: VW was designed in German, the country of highways. Our «CrazyBu» van is Land Cruiser 40 at the back of it's mind – axles, frame, underdrive and robustness in everything. Do you need to build highways if you produce such vans?

Combining with four-wheel drive, it was born to endure any offroad! Nine men can seat inside this car – nine men can push it out from any mire! However, design engineer considerably upgraded the engine: now it cannot use any liquid as a fuel except Au-92 :)

Who is behind "Explore real Russia"?

Hello! My name is Anton Terentev, I'm the owner of the «Explore real Russia» company! And if you want one of driving tours, I would definitely be your guide!

I studied medicine in Moscow medical academy. I was a licensed physician doctor with 6 years’ experience. Nevertheless, one day I decided to change my way of life and start doing what I really want to do – travelling, meeting new people and broaden my view horizons!

I know a lot about bustling Moscow, its secret places, and their stories. Even more I know about Moscow surroundings, where epochal monuments neighbors upon abandoned churches and desolated villages showing you severe traces of 20th century.

Do you want to explore one of the most complex, confounding and contradictory country?

Join us and let's explore real Russia!